7. oktber 2002 01:45 (6 lesendur hafa sagt lit sitt)

Sasta frslan

...langa ra dagsins, en a var allt  lagi :)Jja... sustu orin sem g skrifa han fr Flrda, a minnsta r herberginu mnu (ea v sem eftir er ;). g held a s ftt a segja - ea e.t.v. bara of miki - en g segi ykkur llum sgurnar egar vi hittumst. g tla a birta hrna runa sem g hlt tskriftinni og hlakka til a sj ykkur ll rokinu og rigningunni :)

No long speeches, eh, Gary?
You guys might wanna go and grab a bottle of water and something to eat, because this is going to be todays long speech.

So two days ago I got the call... the phonecall saying that my classmates had voted for me to receive the Advanced Achievement Award. We had actually been speculating for days about who would get the award and nobody knew a thing... someone back home in Iceland actually pointed out to me that ...them Floridians might have messed up the counting of the votes.

Was that old? Im sorry...

Bruce, Jaimee, Phil, Erling og Siggi :)Graduation always seemed so distant... right until it was staring all of us in the eye, just days away. The day we turned in our final project, we had dedicated ourselves to our studies for 422 days straight, only taking a breather for a few days during Christmas and Spring Break. I should actually talk about days and nights, because theres hardly a time I go online that I dont see at least one person from my class online. Never mind that always being the same person not mentioning David Miller in particular but we all put in our graveyard shifts as well.

Somehow late night and the wee hours of the morning seem to be the most productive ones at least for me. For others, the mornings, days and afternoons are the best hours to work... the bottom line is; theres always someone on duty. Early on, some people thought itd be best to just get all the work done in one go not mentioning Bruce Snow in particular but I know people that stayed up incredible hours to get their work done, showing admirable persistance.

If youre here with your son or daugther graduating, know that the silver-haired Gary Jones that was up here a moment ago told no lie about the schedules and the hours. Ive seen enough people fall out of the line to know that some people just dont have what it takes. Your graduate does. Ive also seen people not mentioning Jaimee Kinzer in particular that seem to have some sort of grip on time... able to negotiate with time itself or something, because she was always there and never late. For 422 days... even when her uncle was competing on the Olympics werent you, Jaimee?

...tskrur svipur :pFour hundred twenty two days is a long time... thats 14 months - you can do so much in that time. Hey you could even have a baby if you wanted to! Wouldnt that be crazy?

Our class had three girls in it from the beginning and all the way through...  when one got pregnant it was news. When another one got pregnant it was like... whats going on? With two down and one to go, people started laying down their bets. I dont particularly recall my own bet, but I lost because shes here today and still not pregnant. I guess I owe somebody beer... Phil? Andy? No?

In a moment youll see a young lady with amazing talent, courage and personality walk across the stage... shes been one of the top students from the beginning, but not only that; shes going to give birth to a baby boy come November. Even as the Advanced Achiever, I cant top that... due to various reasons. Her name is Mary Campos.

We also have a proud mother and father back in Virginia, both Digital Media graduates who got married in Las Vegas this summer. The mother, Kari, had a heroic pregnancy coming to an end with the delivery of little Kaylee Drew Liverman on September 10th. I speak for the entire class when I say I wish they could all be here today and we wish them all the best.

So... my fifteen minutes of fame this time are almost up and I managed not to make this speech all about myself. Im sure that some of you guys down there just lost some money.

Erling og mamma fyrir utan Orlando Expo CenterFinally Id like to say that although Full Sail kept me very busy, only half of what I learned came from books and projects. I met people here... friends... that influenced me and have taught me so much in a way that no school can do. Also, coming here has given me experience unlike any other but I never would have made it if it wasnt for one person. I happen to have the best mom in the world and I owe all of this to her.

Erling Ormar,

PS. Takk li minn fyrir myndirnar sem g leyfi mr a nota ;)

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4. oktber 2002 21:35 (2 lesendur hafa sagt lit sitt)

Menn dagsins :)

tskriftarnemar... ff, dagurinn  dag er gur!

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26. september 2002 21:55 (5 lesendur hafa sagt lit sitt)

26. september

Skjmynd r lokaverkefninu... kemst tt hgt fariAllt fullu... stuttu mli hefur verkefninu seinka vegna vntra tknilegra rugleika en g er a vona a g ni a skila inn svona okkalegu verkefni rtt fyrir a. a ir hinsvegar a g arf a vaka - jah, sennilega fram laugardag til a koma llu verk, sem kemur sr srstaklega illa vegna ess a morgun koma li og Kntur, og g arf lka a taka 40% lokaprf fanga dauans: Media and Society. Lt ykkur eina skjmynd t til a dst a, en g er farinn a vinna...


Erling Ormar,


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14. september 2002 06:50

frttum er etta helst...

g hef ekki haft tma til a skrifa frslur fyrir heila daga, en tla hinsvegar a benda ykkur rennt til a skoa. N, lokaverkefni gengur brilega og a hefur gengi vonum framar a minnka netspjalli - klppum fyrir v....

Samkvmt tluninni minni (sem er a fyrsta sem i geti skoa) er g svona... um a bil hlfum degi eftir tlun eins og mlin standa dag. Grni liturinn merkir a sem egar er unni, s appelsnuguli stendur fyrir a sem n er vinnslu og s raui er fyrirboi vinnu nstu tveggja vikna.

a er hnnunin sem stendur mr, en g vil ekki fyrir nokkurn hlut drfa mig of miki me hana - samt er neitanlega afar gilegt a vera undir mikilli tmapressu me ann hluta verksins v hnnunin sjlf er svo "skapandi ttur" sem erfitt er a ta eftir n ess a gi hennar versni.

Nsta ml dagskr er a sna ykkur a sem g er binn a vera a gera... g setti neti a sem komi er af hnnun myndbandssunnar - skoi eins og ykkur lystir :)

a sasta sem g b upp , og tvmlalaust a stasta, er mynd af Kaylee Drew - nfddri dttur Kari og Drew. Hrna er mynd af eim mgum...

Hef etta ekki lengra a sinni... rmi kallar, og tmi fyrramli.

Erling Ormar,

stuttur spuna

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10. september 2002 09:25 (1 lesandi hefur sagt lit sitt)


A morgni rijudagsins 10. september var Kari lg inn sjkrahs ar sem framkalla tti fingu barns hennar og Drew - gefa henni start, ef svo m a ori komast. a var svo klukkan 07:30 a fingin hfst...

Klukkan var orin 16:00 og rmlega a egar henni voru gefin deyfilyf, enda fingin bin a standa yfir tpar nu klukkustundir. a var svo klukkan 18:48 a tkunum lauk loksins og lti stlkubarn kom heiminn.

Litla krli hlaut nafni Kaylee Drew og er ar me skr hfu mmu sinnar, fjlskyldu fursins (Lee) og svo fursins sjlfs: Drew Liverman. a er svolti skondi a stlkan geti bori nafn fur sns sem millinafn, en a gengur alveg fullkomlega upp... alveg eins og Drew Barrymore.

Kaylee mldist 52 sentimetrar vi fingu en vg einungis 2550 grmm sem verur a teljast ansi lti mia vi a sem fyrir henni hefur fari.

a stefnir svo allt sptalaheimskn morgun - vi Jaimee og Mary (sem enn er ltt og a eiga nvember) tlum a heilsa upp nbakaa mmmuna. g hef a sjlfsgu myndavlina meferis :)

Erling Ormar,

hlfgerur fsturfair ;)

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eldri frslur